The world has ended, the story can now begin…

In the near future, a horrifyingly devastating plague spreads across the Earth.  It decimates the world population within 2 weeks.  While humanity's efforts to combat the disease delay the carnage, the world death toll continues to rise.  The vicious contagion called The Ravage, mutates and adapts faster than medicine can handle.

Fearing the end of our species, a plan to launch a sort of ark into orbit is put into motion.  Several hundred people found to have markers for resistance to The Ravage, are selected to be housed in a new form of suspension.  As desperation overcomes reason, the ark called, Salvation, is launched and assembled in orbit.  Several months later, a series of shuttles carry humankind's last hope to safety.

Our protagonists wake up from suspension, to find Salvation damaged with many systems damaged.  Only a small percentage of the original populace still live, the others having died, not to plague, but to the failing of their suspension pods.  Unsure what the situation on Earth looks like, but unable to remain quarantined for much longer, our protagonists must navigate the other residents of Salvation, and find a way to return home.  Even if they can pull this off, who knows what they'll find?

The Apocalypse: Exiles Return